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As one of Uber’s many partners/drivers, I’m proud to be highlighted; it is fulfilling for me to be in this industry.

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I’ve driven professionally in multiple US states, and also served internationally in the US Navy.

LAX and Disneyland are in my “top 5 favorite pick-up spots” however I also do morning drives to vineyards, graveyard shift for partiers, and airport drop-offs (and pick-ups) at BUR, SNA, LGB, ONT, and SAN.

I’ve been driving professionally for nearly a decade, but it wasn’t until I learned how to become extremely successful as an Uber driver that I became passionate about my process…

Ultimately, the trip ratings are easily all 5-star ratings when you pair smooth music with a smooth travelling experience, and as the driver, you control the ambiance of your cabin, so “choose wisely” and keep your eyes on the road!

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